Flexmls Help

Edit Listing Photos

Click Photos on the Change Listing page to work with the photos for a listing. You can rearrange the order, add titles and captions, change the primary photo, and rotate photos using this page.

When you are finished adding and editing photos, click the Return to edit your listing link in the upper left corner of the page. Updates to photos will be saved automatically.

Rearrange Photos

The number in the upper left corner of each photo indicates the order in which it appears on the listing. To rearrange photos, click on a photo and drag it to a new position.


Alternatively, you can click the drop-down arrow next to the number in the upper left corner of a photo, then choose a position number.


Add Titles and Captions

To add or change the title of a photo, hover over the title bar at the top and click the Edit title (pencil) icon. Click the Save changes (check mark) icon to save your changes.


To add or change the caption for a photo, hover over the caption bar at the bottom and click the Edit caption (pencil) icon. Click the Save changes (check mark) icon to save your changes.


Designate a Primary Photo

The primary image for a listing is outlined in blue, with the flag icon selected. To change the primary photo, click the flag icon on the desired photo.


Replace Photos

Click the Upload Replacement Photo icon to replace a listing photo with another photo.

Rotate Photos

Click the Rotate icons to rotate your photos. Each click rotates the photo 90 degrees in the direction indicated by the icon.

Remove a Photo

To remove a photo from a listing, click the Remove photo (trash can) icon. You will see a message saying that the image has been erased. To undo the removal of the photo, click the Undo link in the message.


To remove multiple photos at once, click the checkbox in the upper right corner of each photo, then click Delete Selected. Up to 50 photos can be selected and deleted at a time.