Tour/Open Houses

Click Tour/Open Houses under Daily Functions to find listings that have open houses scheduled or listings that are on an upcoming tour of homes or broker tour (if available in your MLS). You can also add an open house for a listing or add a listing to a tour of homes or broker tour.


Find an Open House, Tour of Homes, or Broker Tour

Choose the type of event that you want to find and specify a date range. The default date range is one week, starting from today’s date. You can filter the results by using a saved search, a quick search, or an office. Click Next to proceed.

A list of upcoming events will be displayed. Click on an MLS number to open that listing’s full report.


Click the Select checkbox for listings that you are interested in. Then use the toolbar buttons at the top of the page to perform the following tasks:

Add an Open House, Tour of Homes, or Broker Tour

An agent can add an open house or tour of homes or add a listing to a broker tour by clicking one of the links under the heading Add/Edit Tour of Homes, Open Houses or Broker Tours in My Listings.


Listing agents can add their listings to broker tours, but only Broker Tour Administrators can create new broker tours or edit tour information.

To work with a particular listing, go to the Change Listing page and select the appropriate option (Open House, Tour of Homes, or Broker Tour) under Scheduled Marketing Activities. For more information, see Change Listing - Scheduled Marketing Activities.