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When to Contact Your MLS

Contact your MLS with questions regarding your membership in the MLS or its policies and procedures. The following list contains examples of questions that are best answered by the MLS.

  • Where can I pay my dues for membership?

  • Who can make changes to listings that I don’t have permission to edit?

  • How can I get an additional entry option added to a list (for example, a new subdivision)?

  • When is the next scheduled training session at the MLS?

  • How do I add additional services or products within my MLS access?

  • How do I report an ethics violation or a dispute?

  • Who does my MLS syndicate listings to?

  • Who do I speak with about a request for changes to the system?

  • Why is my account deactivated?

  • Who do I speak with about policies and procedures in the MLS?

  • Who do I speak with about forms and contracts?

  • Who do I speak with about fines?

  • Who do I speak with if I forgot my login?

  • Who do I speak with about transferring to a different office?

  • How can I transfer listings?

  • What is the definition of this field?

  • Who do I contact for approval on RETS or IDX access?