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Flexmls Cheat Sheet

Use this guide as an intro to getting started in Flexmls.

To get into Flexmls, log in to using your username and password. The first time you log in, you will be prompted to verify the contact information in your Flexmls profile. Your contact information is used on listing printouts and other reports.

Quick Search is the most commonly-used search method in Flexmls, and it has many capabilities. You can use one of the standard Quick Search templates, or create your own. You can also add fields to a Quick Search template on the fly or even incorporate the map into your search.

Flexmls allows you to generate, view, and edit a Full CMA, Quick CMA, or Statistical CMA (includes 1004MC for appraisers). Access the CMA function from any search results screen.

Flexmls allows you to customize the system to best suit your needs. You can customize your system in many ways via General Preferences, and create custom views, custom quick search templates, custom flyers, custom multi-tiered saved sorts, custom map overlays, among many others.

Add or change listings, view and edit incomplete listings, copy listings, and manage open houses and home tours.

Daily Functions include the following: 

  • Hot Sheets: Standard 24-hour hot sheet, or customize your own! Set up a daily hot sheet email, or set up your dashboard to have several hot sheet gadgets—one for each city/county/zip code/school/property type combination you would like.

  • Member Lookup: Contact info and those members' listings found under Office/Member in the menu.

Flexmls offers various ways to manage your contacts and communication. The Contact Management feature is a hub where everything is found, maintained, and edited (including contact info, saved searches, subscriptions, and portals). You can also create and edit subscriptions, which are automatic emails for listing updates. You can adjust the frequency and recipient for each subscription. Flexmls also offers portals, which are websites that integrate seamlessly with your subscriptions and offer your contacts the ability to run their own searches and collaborate with you.

You can access Flexmls on your mobile device in different ways. Use the same username and password for each of the mobile solutions. On mobile, you can access saved searches, create searches, find listings, change status, price, add photos, schedule marketing activities, and more.

  • Flexmls Pro App (iPhone): Free for download on iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, etc). Search for Flexmls in the iPhone-only section of the App Store to locate and install the app. 

  • Flexmls Pro App (Android): Free for download on Android devices (mobile, tablet, etc). Search for Flexmls in the Play Store to locate and install the app.

  • Flexmls mobile site:

There are plenty of resources available to help you navigate Flexmls and learn to maximize its features and capabilities.

  • Guided Help: Guided Help provides interactive help and instructions for different tasks in Flexmls. You can launch these Guided Tours from the Guided Help button or other start points such as the info--circle.png icon.

  • Flexmls Help: Written documentation for functions and features in Flexmls, found at

  • Flexmls Academy: Access Flexmls product news, sign up for training, or view the training library. Watch recorded classes, short tip videos, and view info on upcoming webinars, which are available to all Flexmls users across the globe. We recommend starting with the Flexmls Fundamentals - Intro to Flexmls training. 

  • Video Training: Additional video training.