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Getting Started with Flexmls for Homebuyers

If you're a homebuyer working with a real estate agent, this topic describes how to get started using the Flexmls Portal and the Flexmls for Homebuyers mobile app.

Sign Up and Log In

  1. If you received an invitation email from your real estate agent, click the Sign Up button. (If you didn't receive an invitation email, contact your agent.)

  2. Enter or confirm your information. Your username is the email address where you received the invitation email. Set a password and click the I'm not a robot check box. Then click the Confirm button.

  3. Once you have successfully logged on to the portal, you can search for listings, view the listings your agent has recommended, and send messages to your agent.

  4. After you have successfully created your portal account, you can also download and log on to the Flexmls for Homebuyers mobile app.

Download the Flexmls for Homebuyers App

After you've set up your Flexmls Portal account, you can also use the Flexmls mobile app to view listings.

  1. Go to the Google Play Store (on an Android device) or the Apple App Store (on an iOS device).

  2. Download the Flexmls for Homebuyers app.

  3. Sign in with your Portal username (your email address) and password.

How-To Videos for Homebuyers

Watch the following videos for an introduction to the Flexmls Portal or the Flexmls for Homebuyers mobile app.

Welcome To Your Flexmls Homebuyer Portal


Welcome To Your Flexmls For Homebuyers App