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Office/Member Contact Information Export

If available for your MLS, the Office/Member Contact Information Export allows you to export a customized list of contact information in .csv (comma-separated values) format. This type of file can be opened by many spreadsheet programs, like Microsoft Excel. To run this report, click Office/Member Contact Information Export on the Roster Reports page.

Select the number of phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, and URLs to include in the export. Items have a default value of 1, meaning for example, that one Home phone number will display per person. To exclude a piece of information, select 0 from the drop-down list. To save your settings for future use, select Click to Save Contact Settings. Name the export so that you can easily identify it.

To include only offices or only members in the export, select the related options. You can also choose whether to include inactive/not in list members. Select the offices, associations, and member types to include in the report, and then click Next. If applicable, select the members to include in the report and click Download. Open the file with the default viewer or save the file to your computer.