Office/Member Search

Click Office/Member Search under Daily Functions or under Search to find contact information or listings for an office or member.

Search Tab

On the Search tab of the Office/Member Search page, conduct a search by typing a name, partial name, user ID, phone number, or ZIP code. After you have entered your information, click Find to open a list of matching members/offices. If additional search options are available, an Options menu appears. Use this menu to select additional search options. For example, if available in your MLS, you can select data share MLSs to include in the search.


When searching by phone number, only primary phone numbers and fax numbers will be searched. If the MLS has chosen to display office information rather than member information, only the matching offices will be displayed. Click a name in the list of search results to view available contact information.

Pick From a List Tab

Click Pick from a List on the Office/Member Search page to select from a list of offices. Select an office to see that office's contact information and a list of available members in the office. Select a member from the list at the right to display the member's contact information. If allowed by your MLS, you can view an office or member's listings, including their off-market listings, according to a specified date range. Click View Listings to continue.