Report a Listing Error

Use the Report Violation page to report errors in other members' listings. Error reports are sent to the MLS or the listing office, depending on your MLS rules.


The following procedure describes the error-reporting function that is available in Flexmls. If your MLS uses third-party software for error checking and reporting, the steps to report an error will differ.

  1. Select a listing on the search results page.

  2. Click the More (three vertical dots) button and then click Report Violation.


    The name of this option might be different in your MLS. Some MLSs choose a name such as "Report Error" or "Suggest Correction" instead.

  3. On the Report Violation page, information for the listing that you selected is populated automatically.

  4. Type a description of the error in the text box.

  5. When you are finished, click Send.

  6. A confirmation window will appear. Click Return to Listing to go back to the search results page.