Add a Listing

Click Add Listing under Add/Change on the menu to enter new listings in the MLS. The ability to create new listings is commonly called "brokerload."

Required fields (as determined by the MLS) appear in bracketed red text. An MLS number will not be generated until all required fields have been completed and you have clicked the Add Listing button. To view only the required fields, select Required Fields Only in the Show drop-down list at the top of the page. You can create a listing quickly by entering the minimum required fields and then adding more information later.

Use the Tab key to move to the next field on the page (Shift + Tab to move backward). Click on the "i" button next to a field name to view restrictions or constraints.

Click Save Incomplete to save your entries and complete the listing later. To find your saved listings, click My Incomplete under Add/Change on the menu. For information about working with incomplete listings, see Incomplete Listings.


Photos, documents, videos, and virtual tours can be added only through the Change Listing page. When adding a new listing, you may want to complete the required fields, save the listing as incomplete, change the listing to add media, and then add the listing to the MLS.

Flexmls automatically saves your work every two minutes while you are adding a listing. In the event of a browser error, you can also access auto-saved listings in your incomplete listings.