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Flexmls Menu

Use the Flexmls menu to navigate around Flexmls. Click the Menu button at the upper left to see the full menu. Click a menu item to go to that page. For example, click Quick Search to start a new search.



The following Guided Help tours are available for this function in Flexmls. When you click on a link, an instance of Flexmls will open in a new browser tab and instruction bubbles will guide you through the process.

Search the Menu

After you click Menu, you can type in the search box to find a menu item. For example, if you type "sav" in the search box, the menu options narrow to show matching results, including Saved Searches.


Favorites Bar

When you first log on to the Flexmls system, a default set of one-click (favorite) menu items are displayed horizontally across the top of the page. Favorite menu items give you one-click access to the pages you use the most. To mark a menu item as a favorite, hover the mouse over the item. Click the Add to Favorites star to create a one-click shortcut to it on the Favorites bar. To remove an item from the Favorites bar, click on the star next to an existing favorite.


If you have more menu items in your favorites than can be displayed on the Favorites bar, a More link will be displayed, where you can access the rest of your favorites. To rearrange the order of your favorites, click the Reorder link on the menu bar. Click and hold a menu item to drag and drop it into a new location. To remove an item from your favorites, click Remove. Click Save when you are done managing favorites.

Flexmls Help

At the top right of Flexmls, use the Help menu to find information about Flexmls features.


Click Help with this page to access help that is specific to the current page. Click Flexmls Help to open the Flexmls help web site. Click Flexmls Academy to open the member resource center, where you can read product news, sign up for upcoming webinars, and more. Click Video Training to access short training videos and recorded webcasts. To find contact information for Flexmls support, click Contact Support.

Click the Guided Help link to the right of the Search bar to open the Guided Help Resource Center. Type a keyword in the search bar to find a topic. Click on one of the step-by-step help tours to start an interactive tutorial of a task in Flexmls.

Profile Menu

Next to the Help menu is the profile menu, represented by your initials. If you have access to superuse on behalf of other members, you will see two sets of initials: your initials and the initials of the user you are working on behalf of.

Click the drop-down arrow next to the profile menu to see the available options. (Options will vary based on your permissions.)


To log in as a different user, type the username in the text box or click the Change User option. You can also view your profile or log out using this menu.