Flexmls Help

MLS Email

If enabled by your MLS, you can click MLS Email under Daily Functions to open the Flexmls Web Internal E-mail Client. MLS Email is an internal email system that can be used for communication within the MLS. You can send messages to an individual, an entire office, or the entire MLS. To receive messages through the internal email client, recipients must have a primary email address on their profile.


Click the drop-down menu at the top of the page to specify who is sending the message. Use the following selection boxes to select the recipients:

  • MLS/Office Broadcast – Send to everyone in an office, or, if allowed by your MLS, send a message to everyone in the MLS.

  • Designation Broadcast – If allowed by your MLS, send an email to all users with a certain designation. Designations are maintained on the Member Designation page.

  • Individual Emails – Send to an individual office or agent email address.

Select an email recipient and click the corresponding Add button to add them to the Recipient List. To select multiple items in a list, hold down the Control key while making selections. To remove a recipient, select the name and click Remove Recipient. Select Send a Copy to You if you want to receive a copy of the message.

Type a brief description of your message in the Subject field and then type the message. To include a link to a listing, click Add Listing Link and enter an MLS number. Click Insert Link to return to the internal email client page, where the listing link will appear below your text in the message body. When the message recipient clicks the link, the listing will be displayed on a search results page.

When you are finished entering the message, click Send Mail at the bottom of the page. You will see a verification message after the email has been sent.