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My Saved Sorts

Click My Saved Sorts under Preferences to open the My Saved Sorts page, where you can add, edit, or remove saved sorts. A saved sort is a set of fields used to sort information on search results pages. Use saved sorts to customize the order of listings in search results, regardless of whether the sort fields are included in the view you are using.


Your current saved sorts are displayed in the Available Sorts list. When you select a saved sort from the list, the Description column displays a summary of the fields included in the sort and the views that use the sort.

Click New to create a sort, or click Copy, Edit, or Remove to perform the corresponding actions on an existing sort.

Click Give to someone to share the sort with other users. Start typing the name of the office or member you want to share with. Click the office or member name, then click Give.

For more information about creating a custom sort, see Create or Edit a Saved Sort.