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Reactivate an Inactive Contact

If you previously deactivated a contact and you want to restart their email subscriptions and their portal, use the following instructions.


If you chose the Remove option instead of the Deactivate option, the contact has been permanently deleted. Removed contacts will need to be recreated in Flexmls.

  1. Click the contact's name on the Contact Management page to view their details.

  2. On the Searches/Subscriptions tab, verify that any saved searches and subscriptions associated with the contact are still relevant.

  3. On the Contact Details tab, click Send opt-in request to resend the opt-in email. The recipient must choose to opt in again to resume receiving subscription emails.

  4. On the Portal tab of the contact's details, click the On button to restore portal access. To send an email to the contact re-inviting them to the portal, click the Invite to Portal button. You can modify the default subject line and message.