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Searching in Flexmls


Use the search functionality in Flexmls® to quickly find information about listings, contacts, members, and more.

For information about working with search results, see Work with Search Results in Flexmls.

Guided Help Tours

Click a Guided Help Tour link to walk through a common task in , step by step. For more guided help tours, click Guided Help next to the menu bar in .

Video Training

Watch a video tutorial or webinar recording for training on a topic. For more videos, click Help > Video Training in . To sign up to attend a live webinar, see Upcoming Webinars on the Flexmls Academy.

Recorded Training: Quick Search


Recorded Training: Search, Find, Act


Short Tip: Map Overlays


Help in Flexmls

Click Help with this page on the Help menu in to view documentation that is specific to the current page. For more online help, use the Search function in the Guided Help Resource Center.