Coming Soon Listings

Depending on the rules of your MLS, a Coming Soon listing status may be available. (This status may have a different name in your MLS, such as Delayed.) Use the Coming Soon status to enter a listing into the MLS before it is available for showings.

Coming Soon listings are not automatically included in email subscriptions, on IDX websites, or on syndication sites like until they reach their Start Showing Date. Coming Soon listings are available through Confidential RETS feeds, so services such as showing managing services, back office systems, and tax systems receive the data. Coming Soon listings can be displayed in client portals and can be included in manual emails to clients.

Add a Listing with Coming Soon Status

If your MLS uses the Coming Soon status, a status selector will appear on the Main Fields tab when entering a new a listing. The default status is Active, and you can change it to Coming Soon. If the listing is set as Coming Soon, a required Start Showing Date field will be displayed.

For more information about Coming Soon listing policies, contact your MLS. Rules and procedures vary by MLS.



Listings that are already Active in the MLS cannot be moved to the Coming Soon status.

After a Coming Soon listing has been saved, the listing member cannot modify the Start Showing Date. The Start Showing Date can be extended or changed only by the MLS.

Change a Coming Soon Listing to Active

On a Coming Soon listing's Start Showing Date, the status will automatically change from Coming Soon to Active. The listing will be syndicated, sent to IDX websites, and sent to clients in subscription emails.

To change a Coming Soon listing to Active before the Start Showing Date, use the Start Showing (Active) status change option on the Edit Listing page. When you change the status by using this option, the listing becomes a regular Active listing.


How to Find Coming Soon Listings

When the Coming Soon status has been enabled, the status will appear on the dashboard in multiple locations where statuses or events are displayed. For example, the My Listings gadget will display a row for My Coming Soon Listings.


The Hot Sheet dashboard gadget will contain a link to new Coming Soon listings.


You will also be able to add the Coming Soon status in Quick Searches.