My Quick Searches

Click My Quick Searches under Preferences to open the My Quick Searches Preferences page, where you can view and create Quick Search templates. A Quick Search template contains a few fields of information with which to start a search. For example, a template to search for vacant land may include fields such as Status, List Price, Area, Lot Acres or Lot Size, and Zoning.

Your current templates are displayed in the Available Quick Search Templates list. When you select a template from the list, the Description column displays information about the template.

Click Copy, Edit, or Remove to perform the corresponding actions on an existing template. Use the following procedure to create a new Quick Search template.

Create a Quick Search Template

  1. When you click New, the New Quick Search Template page is displayed.



    If you would prefer to start with a default template rather than creating a template from scratch, see Customize an Inherited Quick Search Template.

  2. Enter a name for the template so that you can easily identify it later. Select the property types that the template applies to (hold down the Control key to select multiple items in the list).

  3. If applicable, you can make the template inheritable, which means that all logins below your access level can use it. For example, the agency login can set up an inheritable template that all the agents in the office can use. You can't change templates that you have inherited.

  4. Select the view to associate with this template. The view determines the columns of information that are displayed on search results pages when using this template. Click Next to continue.

  5. To add fields to the template, select them from the Available Fields list and click Add. Selected fields are listed in the right column. To reorder the fields, select a field and click Move Up or Move Down.


    It is important to include the Status field in every Quick Search template. If you do not include the Status field, you will not be able to specify a status or a date range when using the template to conduct a search.

  6. Click Save to save the Quick Search template. Once Quick Search templates have been set up, you can use them by clicking Quick Search on the menu or by typing the name of the template in the Quick Launch bar.

Share a Quick Search Template

Click Give to someone to share a Quick Search template with other users. When you give a Quick Search template to a member or office, it will appear in their list of available templates. To begin, select an office from the list of available offices. Then select one of the following options.

  • To share the template with the office-level login, click Give quick search to selected office.

  • To share the template with individual members in the office, click Give quick search to someone in the selected office. A list of members will be displayed. Select an individual member or hold down the Control key and click to select multiple members. Then click Give quick search to selected member.