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Contact Details Tab

Click on a contact name on the Contact Management page to view and edit detailed information about the contact.

Use the Contact Details tab of the contact details to view the contact's full name, phone numbers, addresses, group information, and reverse prospecting setting. To change these settings, click the Edit Contact button.

The Status field indicates the contact's opt-in status. Possible statuses include Pending Opt-In, Undeliverable, Confirmed, Opted Out, or Inactive. For more information, see Opt-In Status Report.

You can view the number of manual emails that have been sent to the contact, and the number of times those emails have been viewed by the contact. (The Email Activity row displays active links, and the Total Activity row displays a full history of emails to the contact.)


Contact Groups

Contacts can be associated with a group for better organization. A contact can belong to multiple groups.

To add, edit, or remove available groups, click Edit Group List. To add a new group, click Add New, type a name in the Name field, and then click Save.

To edit the name of an existing group, select the group in the list and type a new name in the Name field.

To remove a group, select the group in the list and click Remove.

Be sure to click Save after making changes to groups.

Reverse Prospecting

To allow the searches related to this contact to be used in reverse prospecting for the rest of the MLS, click the Reverse Prospecting checkbox. In the event of a reverse prospecting match, only your information will be revealed, not the contact's information. For more information, see Reverse Prospecting.