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Broker Distribution Tab (Listings)

The Broker Distribution tab of the Add Listing page displays listing distribution options as defined by your MLS. Select distribution options by checking the corresponding boxes.


The first options are seller opt-out options, if available for your MLS. If the seller requests that the listing be withheld from publishing on the internet, select Seller Directs Listing to be Excluded from Internet. The seller can also request that the address of the listing not be published to the internet. These selections govern all internet sites, including and IDX sites. The system will soon prevent you from making contradictory choices in the other checkboxes on the page. Please check or uncheck boxes as needed.

The setting Seller Directs Listing to Not Be Used in AVMs on Internet refers to automated valuation models on virtual office websites (VOWs). The option Seller Directs Listing to Not Allow Comments on Internet also refers to VOWs only. For more information about VOWs, refer to the website.

If available in your MLS, enter a URL in the Broker Listing Distribution Reference URL field. The URL entered here is included in RETS feeds and can be used as a link back to an agent’s direct website from syndication websites.

If you are done entering information, submit the listing by clicking Publish Listing at the top of the page. If all required fields have been entered, an MLS number will be assigned and a confirmation page will be displayed. From the confirmation page, you can view or print a listing report, navigate to the Change Listing page, copy the listing to create a new listing (where applicable), or begin entering another listing.