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CMA Types

You can create the following types of Comparable Market Analysis (CMA).

Full CMA

The Full CMA includes the most information and is the most configurable. It includes options for a cover page, subject property information, comparable properties, value adjustments, a summary, and a recommendation. For more information, see Create a Full CMA.

Quick CMA

The Quick CMA provides quick access to a side-by-side comparison of listings, a price analysis summary, and statistics. It does not include a cover page, subject property information, or value adjustments. For more information, see Create a Quick CMA.

Statistical CMA

The Statistical CMA includes a table of information broken down by listing status, with the option to view listing information in short display format using an available view. You can choose how to group the listings, whether to include totals, and whether to remove square foot statistics. For more information, see Create a Statistical CMA.

One-Line CMA

You can also create a one-line CMA, if your MLS has this option. One-line CMAs are generally used to show a line-by-line set of information for a group of listings. You can create a one-line CMA in Quick Search, by clicking CMA and then selecting One-Line CMA in the CMA Menu. The categories for each column in the one-line CMA are set by your MLS.


The One-Line CMA type is not available for all MLSs.