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Incomplete Listings

To view your incomplete listings, click My Incomplete under Add/Change on the menu. An incomplete listing has been saved, but has not yet been made available in the MLS and has not been assigned an MLS number. Incomplete listings are visible only to the member who entered the listing (or if an administrator started the listing, the member who entered the listing and the listing or co-listing agent).


To edit or continue completing a new listing, select the listing you want and click Edit. This redirects you to the Change Incomplete Listing page for that listing.


On the Change Incomplete Listing page, select a menu item from the navigation menu on the left side. From there, you can make changes to the menu item you select, and click Save to save your changes.

You can add photos, documents, videos, and virtual tours to incomplete listings. For more information, see the following topics:

Once you are ready to publish your listing, click Publish Listing at the top right.


The following Guided Help tour is available for this function in Flexmls. When you click on a link, an instance of Flexmls will open in a new browser tab and instruction bubbles will guide you through the process.