Saved Searches

Click Saved Searches under Search on the menu to open the Saved Searches page.


Use the tabs at the top of the page to select which searches you want to view. You can view all saved searches, favorite saved searches, or draft searches. The Drafts tab contains your three most recent automatically saved draft searches. If you navigated away from the search page before you completed or saved a search, the draft remains available. Drafts are labeled with the time elapsed since they were last automatically saved.

Use the search bar at the top of the page to find a saved search by name. Use the Sort by drop-down list to sort your saved searches by Viewed Most Recently, Viewed Least Recently, Modified Most Recently, Modified Least Recently, or Name.


To view the listings that are returned by a search, or to edit a search, click on the search name. The search results page for that search will be displayed.

Click the star icon to the right of the search name to mark a frequently used search as a favorite. You can then set a dashboard gadget to display just those searches you have marked as favorites.


Click the More (three dots) menu to the right of a search name to access the following options:

  • View Details - Open a pop-up window where you can view details about the search, including created date, updated date, template, and search description (if available).

    In the Search Results section, you can click the following links for more information.



    <#> Total Listings

    Shows the number of listings that currently match the search criteria. Click to view all results on the search results page.

    <#> New Listings in the Last <#> Hours

    Shows the number of new listings to match the search criteria in the time frame that was defined when the search was saved. By default, this time frame is set to 24 hours.

    When you save a search, you can also define the events that are used to identify new listings. By default, new listings, status changes, and price changes are included.

    Click the link to view the listings on the search results page.

    For more information about saved search options, see Save a Search.

    <#> New Listings Since <Date>

    Shows the number of new listings to match the search criteria since the displayed date. The default date is 30 days in the past. To reset to the current date, click the View and Reset link.

  • Subscriptions - Open a pop-up window where you can view the subscriptions that are attached to the saved search. Click a subscription name to view details about that subscription. Add a subscription to a saved search by clicking Add a Subscription. To remove a subscription, click the Remove link next to the subscription name.

  • Rename - Rename the saved search.

  • Delete - Delete the saved search. If the search is associated with any subscriptions, you will be asked to confirm that you want to delete the search. Deleting the search will also delete any related subscriptions. Click Yes, I'm Sure to permanently delete the search.